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Asankite State University is a small liberal arts school located in the cholic town of Asankite Hills. Featuring 15 different majors and several minors, ASU is the perfect environment for students who want the feel of a close knit community in state of the art facilities. ASU has tours 3 times a year as well as a helpful collection of professors and support staff ready to help you make the choice of Asankite State University. Go ferrets!
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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 04:19 pm Welcome to ASU!
Asankite State University is a prestigious learning establishment dedicated to the minds and hearts of its students. ASU features a small student to teacher ratio, a wide variety of degrees and classes, with state of the art facilities. There's something for everyone at Asankite State! So come inside and see what makes ASU the best small university in the world!
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